How education improves people’s chances of a healthier life

Here are some fast facts about how having a basic education in developing, low-income countries can make a difference to your health:

  1. Each year of education means an increase of 10% in your future income.
  2. Each year of education your mother has will increase your survival rate by 2%.
  3. Women are 13% more likely to know that condoms can help provide protection against HIV/AIDS if they are primary educated.
  4. Women with a secondary level education have smaller families (no of choldren) than those with no education.
  5. In India, people with schooling up to lower secondary level were more than twice as likely to know that mosquitoes are the transmitters of malaria.
  6. In Viet Nam, infants whose mothers had reached lower secondary education were 67% less likely to be stunted.
  7. In South and West Asia, 81% of literate women know that HIV is not spread by sharing food, compared with 57% of those who are not literate. In sub-Saharan Africa, 91% of literate women know that HIV is not transmitted through sharing food, compared with 72% of those who are not literate.
  8. In Burundi, Nepal and Senegal, poor women who are literate are more aware of their right to safer sex than richer women who are not literate.
  9. If all women had completed primary education, the under-5 mortality rate would have been 13% lower in India and 11% lower in Nigeria.
  10. In Bangladesh, when both parents had some secondary education, food group diversity in the family diet was 10% greater than when neither parent had any education.
  11. In Indonesia, only 51% of households where mothers had no education used iodized salt, compared with 95% of households where mothers had completed lower secondary education.

References: and 2013/4 Education for all global monitoring report


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