Online communication just feels normal … but not at first!

I am going to come right out and confess … I don’t like new technology!

Actually, that isn’t strictly correct. It’s not the technology I don’t like, it’s having to learn how to use it. This, I really hate! I just want some sort of USB connection that runs from my computer and plugs in to my brain and uploads my new device user manual to my temporal lobe, or wherever such info needs to go. That is what I want … Zap! I just know how to use my new device without any concerted effort from me.

Meanwhile, back on earth, I am stuck with figuring stuff out myself. I have probably now misled you into thinking that I actually refer to user manuals. I don’t, ever … well only grudgingly as an absolutely last resort. Most of the time, once I have stopped sulking about having to learn about something that sits outside of what’s familiar to me, it doesn’t take that long.

I found this to be especially true of social media and other online communication, collaboration and sharing tools. At first it looks hard, even weird and a bit scary. Once I relax and just started communicating, collaborating and sharing, before long it all feels, well … normal.




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