This blog is a amalgamation of several blogs I have had over the years. Some were created for a specific class project and had a short happy day in the sun. Others, like Chuck a Yonnie, were work horses that plodded on for several years. On the other hand, Know Me! Know You! was designed as an example for teachers to illustrate connections between blogs and learning. A lot of work goes into a successful blog. I didn’t want that to be lost so I have imported the content of both of these blogs into this one.

In my opinion, the expression “Batteries Not Included” fits both teaching and learning well; even life itself for that matter! As an educator you can rarely walk into a classroom with all you need to make everything work. There will always be something you have to add! If it isn’t a lack of access to technology you have to deal with then it will be the Internet “going down”! I recall once doing my best with a group of challenging students while a team of workmen were using a pneumatic drill just outside the window. Earlier this year a colleague had a student vomit all over a trolley full of laptops, and I would rather forget the time we were in a bus on a winding road on our way to a school camp and one student had eaten a very large bag of sweets … I’ll spare you the details. I won’t even begin to discuss trying to balance NAPLAN targets with an engaging and relevant curriculum, archaic end of year examinations still being the most valued form of assessment (it is the compulsory exit path for students completing their secondary education) and … if I continue this will become an essay …

My point is that every day teachers have to think on their feet. They have to identify what is needed and make up for what is missing. Teachers need to be resilient and determined. We need to feel passionate about what we do and not allow all the political nonsense to get you down. Teaching as a career is very rewarding, but it is not an easy option. When you open the box it is definitely a case of “Batteries Not Included!

If you are curious about my background, read on. If not, thank you for reading this far!

In brief, I started my working life as an industrial chemist and made a career change to teaching over 30 years ago. I was in the classroom for most of that time including a range of leadership postions for the last 25 years. All of this has been in State Secondary schools. I have a MEd (ICT in education) and have worked on a wide variety of digital technologies learning initiatives and teacher professional development programs in private industry, in private schools and with the Victorian Ed Dept..


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