Chuck a Yonnie

Chuck a Yonnie was a blog I began at Kambrya College as a means of providing support for VCE and VCAL mathematics students. At the time I received some criticism for using a blog in this way. I was using it, more or less, as a notice board for my students. They were informed about upcoming lessons and assessments, directed to resources that included a wiki that contained worked solutions to the problems we covered in class, along with video tutorials made using a Smartboard during class and posted on Teachertube (click here to see example here). Some of my colleagues thought blogs should only be used as a reflective journal for students and teachers. I have always believed that things are “supposed” to be used in whatever ways suit your purpose. A couple of years later I presented this way of supporting students and what developed from it. You can view the two part presentation here: Part A and Part B

Chuck a Yonnie was located on D.E.E.C.D.‘s Global2. It began in June 2007 and concluded in August 2012. I deleted it in June 2015. The posts from Chuck a Yonnie have been imported into this blog, Batteries Not Included, and can be found by searching for posts between those dates. For more information about Chuck a Yonnie also see:
Maths on Track
Why Yonnies?

Screen shot of Chuck a Yonnie

Screen shot of Chuck a Yonnie

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