Year 11 Foundation Mathematics

Why Make Good Choices?

This question is very personal for you. Being able to respond in an insightful way to that question will help you to make a success of your life; to have the sort fo life you want to have.

Next year, or the year after, you will be leaving school. What will your personal future be? How much does what you choose to do now determine what sort of future you will have? How much say do other people have in the sort of future you will have? Should you listen to what other people have to say about your personal future or are you free to do whatever you wish? Which people should you listen to? Who should you ignore? What constraints are there on your personal choices?

In investigating these ideas you are to explore the unit question How do I know I have made good choices? through three projects. The first two projects you are to complete by posting you findings and conclusions to the How Do I Know I Have Made Good Choices? blog. The third project will be posted to the Good Choices Wiki. As a group you will make a resource for other students on career choices or. to be more specific, what do you have to do in order to achieve your career choice.

“If you drink then drive” Project One: Develop Your Own Personal Strategy to Avoid Drink Driving in the Future.

What strategies can you put in place to make sure you never drink and drive? Every person needs to develop a personal philosophy on this. Explain your philosophy and the reasons for it. Include specific information on the amount that a person can drink including types of drinks and the time periods between drinks. (Use Ex 7A and 7B in your text to help you with calculating the amount of alcohol in different types of drinks.) What about the people who you socialise with? Does their viewpoint influence you? Describe the scenarios you might find yourself in and what you would/should do? Post your response on the How Do I Know I Have Made Good Choices? blog. You must arrange for at least one adult and one of your peers to post a reply to your blog entries leaving their feedback. You will find further instructions on the Good Choices blog.

“If you drink then drive” Project Two: What is the cost to Victorians of drink driving?

Report on a case study (ie research on the Internet) on someone who was involved in drink driving. It could be a victim or the person who was caught drink driving? While you may use a case that is known to you, YOU MUST NOT IDENTIFY THE PERSON IN THE CASE STUDY. (Use pseudonyms, change the names and places so no identification can be made, you must protect the person’s privacy). Post your case study on the How Do I Know I Have Made Good Choices? blog. You must arrange for at least one of your peers to post feedback on your blog entry. You will find further instructions on the Good Choices blog.

Project Three: When I grow up, I’m going to be a …?

We all have told people what we want to be when we grow up. Likely you have changed your mind, perhaps many times, about what you want to be doing when you leave school. However, saying what career you want to be in and actually being able to do it are two different things. Where you end up as far as your career is concerned is very dependant upon the choices that you make now, and later as well. In this project you are not so much investigating careers but rather how to get into those careers.

Post the information you find to the Good Choices wiki. Include whatever you have found out about your chosen career area. Make sure you include a detailed description of what is involved in the job, what you need to do to become qualified in that job, how much it pays, how many job opportunities there are in Australia and/or elsewhere in the world. You can add to each other’s pages if you have something of interest that is relevant. Your repsonse should adress the question: “What do I need to know to make a good decision about which career I should choose?” Once you have done this post another entry to the in response to the questions:

  • – How do I know I have made good choices?
  • – How do we decide what risks to take?

To post to the Good Choices blog go to

To post to the Good Choices wiki go to

Also you should download and use this rubric to self-assess the quality your blog posts Blog Posts Self-Assessment Rubric

Year 12 Specialist Mathematics
Examination Preparation and Revision

Preparation for your end of year examinations begins at the start of the year. Revision should consist of regular spot checks of skills throughout terms 1 and 2. This is done by selecting a

You can find revision posts in this blog by using the categories in the side menu and selecting the Specialist Maths category under mathematics. Also more revision is posted in the KambryaSpecMaths wiki. You should check both this blog and the wiki regularly, especially from mid term 3 onwards. Both the blog and the wiki have RSS feeds that you can subscribe to so you will be informed of posts immediately they occur. Otherwise you should visit at least a couple of times per week.

Please note that revision posted on the Chuck a Yonnie# blog and the KambryaSpecMaths* wiki supplement your class work and do not replace your class time or other revision sessions that may be arranged.

* Each time you post a comment you will need to include your name, email address and answer a “challenge”. The purpose of the challenge is to prevent spamming programs to post unwanted advertising. The cahllenge is just a simple arithmetic question but do not forget about BODMAS (remember that 3 + 5 x 2 = 13 not 16 – you must do the multiplication part first). The first time you post a comment it will be held for moderation. Once this first post is approved then future posts will immediatley be displayed.

# You must be a member of wikispace to edit posts, but you can view them without being a member.

Other Resources:
VCAA Examination Timetable
Specialist Mathematics – Exams and Assessment Reports

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