How to Reply to a Post

This blog is a safe place to express your views and discuss global issues. Most people, young and old, know how to interact respectfully and treat others in a way that dignifies them. Unfortunately there are a minority who, for reasons that exist within themselves, are unable to interact in this way. For this reason only, replies to posts on this blog are moderated. This means that your post will not be immediately available for public viewing. When you post a reply you will see the screen below. Please be patient, especially if you live outside the eastern Australian time zone (UT +10). It might be 3:00am where I live when you post!

How to post

It shouldn’t need to be said that it is expected that anything you post must not contain any of the elements that follow. Students are expected to observe the Acceptable Use Policy of their school. Any reply that contains language, a link or an image that is offensive, obscene, defamatory, discriminatory, hateful, racist, sexist, threatening, harassing, bullying, contains advertising material or infringes copyright or intellectual property will be deleted. Further actions may be taken, including legal action if this is deemed appropriate.

Note to commercial advertisers: Posts that promote or contain links to commercial sites or products will be deleted. This includes trackbacks, pingbacks and comment spam.

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