Know Me! Know You!

Know Me! Know You! was a blog I began at Alkira Secondary College to illustrate to teachers how blogs can be used to generate discussion among students around real world issues. Pick the right issue, ask students the right questions, and you can move them to want to participate. Additionally, while students are expressing their views on matters that are relevant to them, teachers can gain valuable insights of each student’s literacy skills. These insights can then be used to inform future lesson content and pedagogy.

Know Me! Know You! was located on D.E.T.‘s Global2. It began in August 2012 and concluded in February 2014. I deleted it in June 2015. The posts and student responses from Know Me! Know You! have been imported into this blog, Batteries Not Included, and can be found by searching for posts between those dates. For more information about Know Me! Know You! also see:
Our Aim
Being Culturally Competent
Our Authors


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